College Collection Contest

Let the games begin! Please join these schools who have agreed to donate their dead balls to SquashCares. The school that contributes the most dead balls to SquashCares will receive 3 dozen balls from Dunlop.

Bring your dead squash balls to SquashCares at the Men’s or Women’s CSA National Championships or send them directly to SquashCares. We will have a collection bin at the Championships for your balls. Please mark the bag or box with your balls with your school’s name when you deposit them in our collection bin. The deadline to deliver balls is Sunday, February 26 at 12pm. In the event of a tie, the winners will split the award from Dunlop.

For any schools not attending the Championships and wanting to participate, please e-mail with the number of balls you have collected by Sunday, February 26 at 12pm and we will arrange to collect your balls afterwards.

The College Squash Association has endorsed this event.

Special thanks to Dunlop Sports for providing 3 dozen balls to the school collecting the most dead balls!

dunlop sport

And to US Squash and the College Squash Association for agreeing to collect the balls on our behalf at the National Championships!