We know the school year just ended and summer is upon us, but we are super excited about next year and we wanted to share our lofty goals and some of the projects we are working on.

Ball Collection

First, we need your dead squash balls! Based on our new relationship with college squash programs and our expansion into Philadelphia, Providence, and New York, our goal is to collect 10,000 dead balls this year. We know that’s ambitious given that in the last three years we collected 10,000 balls, but we think we can do it. If we are successful in meeting our goal, we will have diverted, since we started this project, 1,000 pounds of waste from landfills.

Convinced you want to help us? What can you do? Start saving up those dead balls. Ask your club or school to start a collection bin for SquashCares. Join SquashCares as an Ambassador and spread the word about our efforts and collect balls at tournaments.

We are off to a great start this year thanks to the efforts of our Ambassador Charlotte Bell. Charlotte is personally responsible for having collected 350 balls for SquashCares from tournaments and squash camps this summer.

So far we have collected 452 balls this year from the following contributors:

Westchester Country Club – 250 balls

Nobles – 100 balls

Newton Squash and Tennis – 102 balls

Ball Blankets

Next year we plan to sew at least 50 ball blankets at five sewing events. Again, that is a real step for our organization given that we have sewn 45 blankets since our inception and have held five sewing events in the last three years.

We are already working with Drexel University to plan sewing events in the summer and fall. At the end of the summer we will kick off efforts with Rhode Island School of Design and Parsons School for Design to sew blankets. We’ll continue our partnership with Framingham State University to sew and prep blankets for SquashCares in the Boston area. We are also working with Hope Prockop to run a sewing event on a weekend in the fall at the Groton School. Of course, in the spring we will hold our fourth annual sewing event at Dana Hall.

We still have numerous sheets of fleece from Polartec‘s generous donation to SquashCares, so if you want to run a program, please reach out to sydney@squashcares.org, and we can provide you with resources to do so.


Consistent with our ambitious plans for this year, we intend to collect 200 pieces of equipment for distribution to urban squash programs. This is double our efforts from last year.

Please join us by contributing your gently used squash equipment so that others can enjoy the game of squash as much as you do.