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Rubber biodegrades slowly, and builds up quickly in landfills. Reclaiming and recycling rubber uses less energy than producing new rubber. Products created from recycled rubber help those in need, including kids with autism. Let’s play our part.

SquashCares Continues to Make an Impact

With all the negative news about global warming and its causes, the squash community should take heart that SquashCares, founded in 2014 by Sydney Soloway, collected more than 2,000 squash balls with its recycling program this season to keep dead balls out of landfills. Since SquashCares started in September 2014, it has collected over 18,200 dead squash balls.

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SquashCares to Continue to Collect, Create and Contribute

SquashCares, founded in 2014 by Sydney Soloway—then a multi-sport star and student leader at Dana Hall School and now attending Hamilton College—will continue to collect squash balls and equipment to benefit the broader community. The program will operate under the auspices of US Squash.

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The Prudential Spirit of Community Award Finalist

Sydney Soloway, 17, of Weston, Mass., a senior at Dana Hall School, is the founder of “SquashCares,” an initiative that since 2014 has collected more than 250 pieces of squash equipment for players in need, and collected more than 10,000 old squash balls…

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SquashCares Holds Second Annual Sewing Event

Non-profit SquashCares held its second annual sewing event this past weekend at the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Dana Hall School Sophomore Sydney Soloway, a squash player, founded the organization last year as a freshman.

In September of 2014, Soloway, inspired by a similar movement at a squash club in Finland, started collecting used squash balls. Once destined for the garbage, Soloway knew those balls could be used to make therapy blankets for children with attention disorders, like ADHD and ADD, or children with autism. The weight of the blanket—with the added texture of the squash balls—acts as a calming agent.

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Dana Hall Student Makes Blankets With Squash Balls to Benefit Children

Article courtesy of The Weston Town Crier.

Sydney Soloway of Weston wanted to find a way to combine her athletic passions and desire to better the community.

This past September, as a freshman and varsity squash player at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, she started SquashCares, a nonprofit organization that uses the sport of squash to help those less fortunate, by providing clothing and equipment to inner-city squash programs and recycling used squash balls into comfort blankets for children with ADHD and autism.

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